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Intelection is a political microtargeting software solution designed to assist campaign managers in deploying campaign resources. Intelection assists with four key areas of campaign management:

Identifying Likely Supporters: Intelection helps identify likely voters in a particular area with an easy-to-use map. The campaign manager can change voter metrics to suit the campaign's needs.

Assigning Walklists: Once the campaign manager has identified likely voters, walklists of these voters can be easily assigned to campaign workers. Or, if the campaign manager has lists compiled from other sources, these can be loaded into the database for canvassing.

Working Walklists: At its core, Intelection is a mobile-first mapping solution for making face-to-face contact with potential voters. Campaign workers can work walklists and report contacts in real time.

Contact Reports: Once a campaign's workers have entered canvassing data, the campaign manager can run real-time reports about the canvassing results.

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