About Intelection

Intelection is a responsive, mobile-first political software solution based on Google Maps. This door-to-door visualization software was designed with campaigns in mind so that decision-makers can effectively deploy campaign resources.

Intelection marries voter profile and geolocation data. The user can move around the map and change voter criteria in real time, and the user's choices are reflected as pins on households containing registered voters. The user's choices are also summarized as statistical information about the households in the map view. When you click on a pin, which is colored red, blue, or green based on the residents' historical voting tendencies, you see their voting history, age, address, and other individualized information. A geolocation-aware mobile version directs canvassing and reporting on a house-by-house level. Campaign managers can target individuals who match detailed demographic profiles in an intuitive and efficient way.

Here's a couple of screenshots showing all the voters who signed a petition in a drive in southwest Arkansas:

The Intelection software is the result of several years' worth of planning and thought on how to make the use of geolocation data easy and effective. It began with the creation of a map to disprove a defense theory of a failure to penetrate product markets in specific states during a federal trademark infringement case. The map was created by placing a pin on each town appearing in the cellular telephone records of the perpetrator of a bait-and-switch scheme. A screenshot showed that the defendant had penetrated nearly the entire country, particularly the southeast (click to enlarge):

Later, the same tools I developed in the trademark case were adapted to assist in a Court of Appeals race for the wife of my then-boss. This version was a proof-of-concept design that married voter profile data with geolocation information. At that stage, the purpose of the mapping feature was primarily to identify geographic areas with the greatest density of registered voters meeting criteria specified by the campaign manager. For instance, the map below shows the 35 or so areas of highest population density in Benton County, Arkansas (click to enlarge):

The problem with this solution was that every time the campaign wanted to change the metrics that defined which voters were counted in the density plot, I had to manually write a new query, execute scripts, collate the information, and report the results. Not the most efficient way to spend this attorney's time, but I didn't have time to put together a slick interface.

Once I could sit down with the knowledge I had acquired without the urgency of a campaign, I decided to put together an interface that would take my involvement out of the equation. Intelection blossomed into the result of that effort.

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