Demo Intelection

Please try out the lite version of our map below. Pins signify registered voters (Arkansas only in the demo). The full version of Intelection features:

● Automatic zooming to your current location (the demo centers on the Arkansas State Capitol);

● Red-, green-, or blue-colored pins based upon the registered voter’s party preferences or primary voting history (all pins are grey in the demo);

● Numbered pins to show the number of registered voters at a particluar address (all pins are labeled ? in the demo);

● Popup boxes that appear when a pin is clicked that give additional information about each member of a household — try one! (identifying information removed in the demo);

● Zooming maps — try it!;

● Assignment of walklists to other users;

● Canvassing and voter contact reporting features, among other things,

● Walklist maintenance.

We hope you enjoy the demo. Please contact us for more information about Intelection.

Display Criteria

Ratio weights participation in primaries

Map Statistics

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